3 Tips For Combining Business And Leisure On Your Next Trip

Business and Leisure Travel in Malta

3 Tips For Combining Business And Leisure On Your Next Trip

BLeisure means combining business and leisure when initially traveling on business. Many people take advantage of the airfare and hotel costs being covered and add some extra time at their cost to their business trips for R and R. It is easy to make the most of those days for business and leisure with a little advanced planning.

Adding days for business and leisure

Saturday and Sunday are most common, but consider weekdays for less crowded destinations, open tables at restaurants, available tour seats, and a better chance for last-minute theater tickets. Extend your business and leisure trip by adding available vacation days to explore the region.

If you can’t add days to your trip, use hours. Take an early walk around your hotel. A hometown café is ideal for breakfast, coffee, and local conversation. It is more rewarding than the hotel breakfast and lets you see some of the city’s scenery.

During free evening hours, explore new places,have dinner at a recommended restaurant, attend a concert or theater show, take a sunset walk, or work from a different inspiring location such as a garden, museum coffee shop, or pub.

Select the right hotel for business and leisure

Choose a hotel with high-speed Wi-Fi, an in-room workspace, and a business center for your business needs. A pool, sauna, and gym are lovely leisure amenities. Pick lodging near activities you want to experience. A hotel concierge is a valuable resource for food, libations, shopping, and entertainment information.

Get help planning

A pro that knows the city and will listen to your interests can make your leisure trip a huge success. Before departure, contact an expert for itinerary advice for your available time.

When your BLeisure trip brings you to Malta, contact 20Twenty, who will use the ideas of sustainable and regenerative tourism to create custom, one-of-a-kind experiences for you.

Benefits of Business and Leisure Trips

Employers and employees are learning the benefits of combining business and leisure travel. When a couple of days for personal adventure is added to a business trip, most folks are eager to get on the road. You get your work done, then experience vacation time to relax, explore, and immerse yourself in a destination’s food, wine, art, music, history, and nature.

So before planning that next business trip, consider adding a day or two just for you.


By:  Hotel, Restaurant & Experience Scout , Mary Charlebois .