20Twenty Experiences

Meet an Artisan

You will have the opportunity to witness a skilled artisan’s expertise and learn about their craft, whether it’s glassblowing, weaving, ceramics or any other trade. You will see firsthand how they create their pieces and the passion they have for their work. Get a glimpse into their daily life, and perhaps even try your hand at their craft. Take in the beautiful surroundings and appreciate the island’s vibrant artistic community with this unique and memorable experience.

Upcycling Workshop

No longer want shirt or trousers? Take the opportunity to give something you no longer use a second life and new function! This upcycling workshop is lead by Tonya Lehtinen, an activist for social and environment justice and founder of Vogue X change. Transform old things into something new and give them a new fabulous life! You will be working with cotton shirts, pants, dresses or even ties to create a Tote bag, Purse, Sunhat or Bucket-hat.

Olive Oil and Maltese Bread Experience

Indulge in a sensory experience that celebrates the rich flavors of Malta. Join a guided olive oil and Maltese bread tasting, where you will discover the secrets of local cuisine. Savor the fresh, handcrafted Maltese bread, still warm from the oven, paired with a variety of premium olive oils. Learn about the production process and the unique characteristics of each oil, as well as the traditional dishes they are used in. This activity is a perfect way to appreciate the island’s rich culinary heritage and understand the central role that olive oil plays in Maltese cuisine.

Picnics in unique Locations

Escape to a serene and unique location in Malta for a picnic like no other. Surrounded by stunning natural beauty, enjoy a leisurely meal amidst breathtaking views. Whether it’s a clifftop, a secluded beach or a lush valley, this picnic experience will create lasting memories and provide a respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Bird Warden for a Day

Spend a day as a bird warden in Malta and discover the island’s rich avian life. Explore the scenic habitats, observe the local bird species, and learn about their unique behaviors and migration patterns. With the guidance of an experienced bird expert, gain a deeper appreciation for the diverse and important ecosystem that the birds play a part in.

Trekking in a Nature Reserve

Embark on a trek through one of Malta’s beautiful nature reserves and immerse yourself in the island’s unspoiled wilderness. Hike through rolling hills and rugged coastlines, taking in breathtaking views and discovering the diverse plant and animal life that call these protected areas home. With knowledgeable guides to lead the way, this adventure offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature and experience the island’s stunning scenery in a truly unforgettable way.

‘Friends of the Earth’ Workshop

Join a “Friends of the Earth” workshop in Malta and learn about the importance of environmental protection and sustainability. With hands-on activities and interactive discussions, this workshop will help you understand the impact of human actions on the planet and how to take action to make a difference. Become a “Friend of the Earth” and leave with a deeper appreciation for the natural world and the skills to help protect it.

Meet the Curator

Meet the curator of a museum or gallery and gain exclusive access to their expertise and insights. Discover the stories behind the art, artifacts, and exhibitions and learn about the curatorial process. Get an insider’s view into the history and cultural heritage of the island, and come away with a deeper appreciation for the rich artistic traditions of Malta.


Escape to a secluded location in Malta for a magical stargazing experience and be awed by the stunning celestial displays in the night sky. With the help of experienced guides, learn to identify stars, constellations, and celestial objects using high-powered telescopes. Enjoy a night under the stars, surrounded by the tranquil beauty of the island, and gain a new appreciation for the wonders of the universe.

Dinner in awesome Locations

Indulge in a memorable dining experience in Malta. Savor delicious local cuisine in stunning and unique locations, from clifftops to historic palaces, or even underground caves. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the island and create unforgettable memories as you enjoy a delicious meal surrounded by breathtaking scenery.


Find inner peace and rejuvenation with a private yoga session. Surrounded by stunning natural beauty, practice yoga in a serene setting and connect with the present moment. With experienced instructors leading the way, this activity offers a chance to improve your physical and mental well-being and leave feeling refreshed and reinvigorated.

Sound healing and Meditation

Experience the soothing power of sound and meditation. Immerse yourself in a peaceful environment filled with the sounds of gongs, singing bowls, and other instruments designed to promote relaxation and inner peace. With the guidance of experienced facilitators, journey inward and connect with your true self in this calming and rejuvenating experience.


Embark on a foraging adventure in Malta and discover the island’s diverse and flavorful wild ingredients. With experienced guides leading the way, explore the meadows, valleys and coastline and learn to identify and collect wild herbs, fruits, and vegetables in a sustainable manner. Enjoy a taste of the wild, and gain a deeper appreciation for the unique and abundant food sources available in Malta’s natural environment.

Retro Drive

Take a trip back in time with a vintage car ride activity around Malta. Experience the charm and elegance of a bygone era as you explore the scenic roads and picturesque villages of the island in a classic car. With the wind in your hair and the sun on your face, relive the golden age of motoring and create memories to last a lifetime.

Architectural walk & talk

Explore the rich architectural heritage of Malta. With a knowledgeable guide, stroll through the streets and visit the most significant buildings and monuments, and learn about their history, design, and cultural significance. From megalithic temples to baroque churches, discover the unique blend of styles that make Malta’s architecture so fascinating and come away with a deeper appreciation for the island’s rich cultural heritage.

Wine Tasting

Savor the flavors of Malta’s finest wines with a wine tasting activity. Visit a local winery and sample a selection of the island’s best vintages, from crisp whites to bold reds. With the guidance of knowledgeable sommeliers, learn about the winemaking process, the different grape varieties, and the unique characteristics of Maltese wines and gain a deeper appreciation for this ancient and revered craft.

Social Responsibility

Make a positive impact on the environment with a social responsible activity in Malta. Join forces with local organizations and participate in activities such as planting trees, adopting a turtle, and cleaning up the beaches. Help protect and preserve the island’s unique natural beauty, and take an active role in promoting sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Horse Riding

Explore the stunning landscapes of Malta on horseback. With experienced guides leading the way, ride through rolling hills, along scenic beaches, and past historic ruins. Whether you’re a seasoned equestrian or a beginner, this activity offers a unique and thrilling way to experience the island’s natural beauty and rich cultural heritage.

Meet a local Fashion Designer or Perfumier

Discover the creativity and craftsmanship behind Malta’s fashion and fragrance industries. Visit a local designer’s studio or perfumer’s workshop and learn about the inspiration, design process, and production of their unique and innovative products. Gain insights into the world of fashion and fragrance and come away with a deeper appreciation for the artistry and expertise of Malta’s local artisans.

Eat local, fresh & in season

Experience the flavors of Malta at their freshest and most flavorful. Enjoy a culinary journey that showcases the island’s local and seasonal ingredients, expertly prepared by experienced chefs. Indulge in a range of delicious dishes and taste the essence of Malta’s vibrant food culture, from fresh seafood and seasonal vegetables to local cheeses and traditional sweets.

Private Concerts

Enjoy a truly unique and intimate musical experience like no other with a private concert in an intimate and exclusive setting. With a private concert, you’ll have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the music and the musicians, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Sailing with a Skipper

Set sail on the crystal clear waters of the Maltese Islands. With experienced sailors at the helm, glide along the stunning coastline and natural wonders. Enjoy the sun, sea, and fresh air and create unforgettable memories while exploring the island’s natural beauty from a new perspective.

Run around Valletta

Experience the rich history and stunning architecture of Valletta from a unique perspective accompanied by a personal trainer. Jog through the city’s winding streets, along its historic ramparts, and past its iconic buildings, all while taking in the sights and sounds of this UNESCO World Heritage site. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or simply looking to stay active, this activity offers a fun and engaging way to explore one of Europe’s most beautiful and historic cities.

Sip & Paint

Unleash your creativity and unwind with a painting activity at a unique location. Savor a glass of wine or your favorite beverage while being guided through the creation of your very own masterpiece. Whether you’re an experienced artist or a complete beginner, this fun and relaxing activity is a perfect way to spend an afternoon.

Photographic Walk

Capture the essence of Malta through the lens of your camera. Explore the island’s stunning landscapes, historic landmarks, and unique architecture, with a knowledgeable guide to provide tips and insights along the way. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or simply looking to capture memories of your trip, this activity offers a fun and educational way to experience Malta’s beauty and culture.

Archaeological Museum

Step back in time and explore Malta’s rich history with a private visit to the Archaeological Museum. With a knowledgeable guide leading the way, delve into the fascinating collections, showcasing the island’s ancient artifacts, from the prehistoric to the medieval period. Discover the story of Malta’s past and gain a deeper understanding of its cultural heritage in this immersive museum experience.

Art Trail with Local Expert

Explore the creative side of Malta with a local Maltese artist. Walk through the streets and alleyways of the island, learning about its history, culture and architecture, all while being inspired by the local art scene. With a talented local artist as your guide, gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the vibrant Maltese art community, and create your own unique memories along the way.

Salt Harvesting

Participate in a salt harvesting experience in Gozo for a fascinating glimpse into the island’s rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. Salt harvesting in Gozo is an age-old tradition that has been passed down for generations on the island. The salt pans, where the salt is harvested, are a unique and picturesque sight, reflecting the bright blue skies and pristine waters of the Mediterranean. Collect a small sample to add to your delicious meals.

The National Library of Malta

Enjoy a private tour of one of the major treasures of the Maltese Islands. It is a reference and research library preserving the memory of the nation with collections that span the centuries from medieval times to the digital age. As the guardian of the written memory of Malta for current and future generations, the National Library promotes research and makes its vast collections available to researchers and visitors alike.

Mindful Walking

Get grounded, notice the abundance of nature and pause on trails to connect with the natural beauty of the island and practice mindfulness meditation. During the walk, you would focus on the present moment, using your senses to fully engage with your surroundings. Your guide would lead you through mindfulness exercises, such as deep breathing and body scans, to help you stay present and centered. By the end of the walk, you would feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and deeply connected to the world around you.


Explore the coastline of the Maltese islands by kayak and enjoy stunning scenery from a different perspective. Paddle across the water peacefully and take in the natural beauty of the Maltese sea. Visit sea caves, secluded beaches and picturesque inlets. It is a great day out.

E-Biking Tour

Gozo has a great deal to offer a cyclist. Our guides aim to avoid major hills and travel down country road and along sea cliffs to make the most of the spectacular views and quaint villages. Our guide will adapt to the level of the guests and offer a balance of easy, fun and technical riding.


A thrilling adventure that takes you down the cliffs and rock faces of the island’s stunning coast. You’ll be securely harnessed and guided by experienced instructors as you descend down the rugged terrain, offering breathtaking views of the sparkling Mediterranean sea. Learn safety techniques and tackle progressively larger descents as your confidence grows. An unforgettable experience for all adventure seekers.

Brewery Visit

A visit to a brewery in Malta is a fantastic way to experience the island’s craft beer scene. You’ll get to see how locally sourced ingredients are used to brew unique and delicious beers, and learn about the brewing process from passionate and knowledgeable guides. And of course, you’ll have the opportunity to sample a variety of beers, including traditional Maltese flavors as well as innovative new creations.

Weaving Workshop

A wonderful way to learn about the traditional art of Maltese textile-making. Experienced weavers will guide you through the process of creating unique fabrics using a variety of techniques, from spinning to dyeing and weaving. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced weaver, this hands-on workshop will provide you with a deeper understanding of Malta’s rich cultural heritage and a beautiful handmade souvenir to take home.

Bees & Honey Production

Discover the fascinating world of bees and honey production in Malta through a hands-on experience that allows you to learn about the life cycle of honey bees, their habitat, and their role in pollination. You will also have the opportunity to witness the process of honey production from hive to jar, as well as taste the delicious and unique flavors of Maltese honey. This immersive experience is perfect for nature enthusiasts, foodies, and anyone interested in learning more about the vital role bees play in our ecosystem.

Painting with Natural Pigments

Get to know Gozitan’s colour pigments, its properties, and how to use them in a hands-on activity. At the same time, you connect to Gozo and its nature in an unusual way. During a small walk throughGozo’s nature, you collect different pigments from soil, flowers, and fruits. After which, each participant will have the opportunity to create their own painting using these pigments.

Dolphin Spotting Tour

Embark on an unforgettable dolphin spotting, where you will have the opportunity to see these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. With the guidance of marine biologists, you will set sail on a scenic boat tour of Malta’s crystal-clear waters, while keeping an eye out for playful dolphins and other marine creatures in their natural habitat, whilst learning about the wonders of the sea.

Fisherman for a Day

Experience the life of a traditional Maltese fisherman for a day by joining an immersive fishing activity. With the guidance of experienced fishermen, you will learn how to catch a variety of fish using traditional methods and equipment, including nets, traps, and lines. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious seafood lunch made from the fresh catch of the day, and gain a deeper understanding of Malta’s rich fishing culture and heritage.

Pottery Workshop

Unleash your creativity and learn the art of pottery-making. An experienced potter will guide you through the process of making unique ceramic pieces using traditional techniques, including shaping, molding, and glazing. This hands-on experience is perfect for all ages and skill levels, and provides a fun and memorable way to learn about Malta’s rich cultural heritage.

Night at a Museum

Experience the magic of Malta’s museums after dark with a special night at the museum event. You’ll have the opportunity to explore the exhibits and collections without the crowds, and participate in exclusive activities and events designed just for the occasion. From after-hours tours to workshops and performances, this is a unique and unforgettable way to discover Malta’s rich cultural history and artistic heritage.

Cooking at Home

Experience the flavors of Malta like a local by joining a local chef in a traditional Maltese home. You will learn how to prepare and cook a variety of authentic Maltese dishes, using locally sourced ingredients and traditional cooking techniques. This immersive experience also provides the opportunity to learn about Maltese culture and cuisine, and to connect with the local community.

Hands on Archaeological Activities

Immerse yourself in Malta’s rich archaeological heritage through a variety of hands-on activities that bring the past to life. You can learn about ancient building techniques by participating in a pottery workshop or help to reconstruct ancient pottery by joining a ceramics restoration activity. You can also join guided tours of archaeological sites and have the opportunity to handle authentic artifacts, providing a unique insight into Malta’s rich cultural history.