Nature in Malta – Six amazing nature spots you need to explore

Nature in Malta – Six amazing nature spots you need to explore

Malta has plenty of natural attractions that should be on your list before you come to visit. It has a great balance of nature, adventure and fascinating scenery.


Whether you’re interested in wildlife, marine life or activities like hiking and snorkeling, Malta does not fall short. In fact, you would be amazed how a small island in the Mediterranean like this can hold space for such spectacular sights of nature. 


Learn more about a few amazing nature spots around Malta.


  • Wied Ghollieqa


In Malta’s northeast lies a tiny valley called Wied Għollieqa. 


It is a secluded, green space surrounded by a densely populated urban region of San Gwann and serves as a habitat for several migratory and breeding bird species. 


It also offers an essential haven and breeding location for endangered animals like the least weasel as well as avifauna like the Sardinian warbler, Cetti’s warbler and the common swift.


In the 1980s environmental NGOs, locals, and students prevented it from becoming an urban area, and Nature Trust Malta started an afforestation initiative to rewild the valley.


Malta’s endangered national tree, the Sandarac Gum Tree (‘Sira tal-Gargar’ – Tetraclinis articulata), is found in vast numbers in the protected area that once covered much of the valley. 


Besides that, if you are into mystery and adventure, then you will be surprised to find out that many archeological findings have been discovered in the valley such as ceramic artifacts from the early Bronze Age, clay flasks, jars and many more. 


This place has a wonderful flora and fauna as well as an incredible history, making it very important for Maltese to preserve it. 


  • Cirkewwa Marine Park


This is Malta’s very first marine park lying on the Northwest point of the island. It is made up of three main diving sites, has a range of geomorphological attributes, and numerous species that are crucial to global conservation have made the park their home.


They are aiming to be the first actively administered Marine Park in Malta using a successful zoning system. It means that the park is monitored much more against illegal fishing and boat passing. Local community is actively involved to oversee the progress and preservation in the area. 


The main goal of this marine park is to improve biodiversity, making it less accessible for most commercial activities. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot explore and admire it, especially for divers out there. 


Overall, these preservation efforts is an important step for popularizing eco tourism in Malta and improving the fishing industry in the long term.  


Learn more about how you can take a glimpse of the mesmerizing underwater on Nature Trust Malta website.

  • Majjistral Nature and History Park


The Majjistral Nature and History Park is situated on the Northwest coast of Malta. The park includes 6 kilometers of walkable coastline, where you can admire cliffs and valleys with far-reaching views of the sister island, Gozo. 


When you visit the park, you can experience a variety of mesmerizing ecosystems. This includes cliff areas, clay slopes, freshwater rock pools, agricultural land, a sandy beach and more. A variety of wildlife and vegetation may be found in these ecosystems, with some being rare or indigenous. 


There are 374 plant species in which can be observed in the Majjistral Park. Some of them are rare or endemic, therefore, you must take extra caution to not inflict damage on the environment. Otherwise, you will be rewarded with beautiful sights of the diverse wildlife of the area. 


When it comes to the fauna, the bird area is the most popular one, with over 200 species of birds that have made the Park their home. This is a perfect place for bird enthusiasts as you’ll be mesmerized by their song and unique traits. 


Besides birds, other animals like mammals, reptiles, and amphibians can also be seen in the park. And of course a range of colorful and delicate butterflies and other insects. 


Since it was first established, the Majjistral Park has undergone several projects. Some of these initiatives are the restoration of certain structures, regenerating the degraded habitats, and many more. 


NGO’s like Nature Trust manage the park since these habitats have been under threat for many years. Because of their efforts, the park is open for nature lovers and enthusiasts from all over the world. 


  •  Dingli Cliffs


Being the highest landmass in Malta, Dingli Cliffs could be easily seen from the western side of the island. In some areas, one could even see the sedimentary rock formations that have been deposited throughout time on the island.


There are multiple caves all throughout these limestone rock cliffs. The landscape is breathtaking and you will be able to get a glimpse of the countryside. While checking out these cliffs, be ready to be mesmerized by the beautiful blue sea around. 


The ideal time to visit Dingli’s cliffs is around the sunset. With such a spectacular view and the clear blue sea, Dingli Cliffs is the location you surely do not want to miss during your traveling experience in Malta.


The Dingli Cliffs is also the perfect spot for stargazing where you can enjoy a starry night with your beloved partner. Whether you’ve tried it before or not, you must give it a chance for a unique mindfulness experience. If this has aroused your curiosity, check out our article for more stargazing spots around the Maltese islands. 


  •  Ramla Beach & Tal Mixta Cave


Referred locally as “Ramla il-Ħamra”, Gozo’s Red Sandy Beach, easily considered one of Malta’s best. Situated in Gozo, the smaller and quiet island, Ramla beach is the perfect spot to chill out in the sun and tan. The water there is crystal clear and it is perfect for swimming and snorkeling.  


The area around the beach remains remarkably undeveloped, which can give an old-school feeling to your vacation. The valley that descends to the coast is verdant and the sand dunes there are protected. 


When viewed from a nearby high, the valley seems patterned due to the farmers’ terraced walls. It is less crowded than beaches on Malta, at the same time, having plenty of vendors that sell souvenirs, drinks and bites. 


The Ramla Beach is worth visiting if you are looking for a spot where you can relax while enjoying some nice snacks and drinks.


There is an uphill path that can take you to the Tal-Mixta Cave if you’re into hiking. The climb can take up to 40 minutes and it’s worth the effort due to its enchanting view inside the cave. If that is not for you, then you can also take a ride that will bring you up there. 


After a relaxing day at the beach, there is always time for a little adventure, or vice versa. During sunset you can witness one of the most amazing views across islands. 


  • Buskett Gardens

As a nature lover, you may probably also enjoy picnics. Buskett Gardens is the perfect spot for that. 


The garden is located in the lush Wied Il-Luq valley, on the east of Dingli. 


Buskett is one of Malta’s greenest areas today, and it is home to a variety of plants, flowers, and trees, including orange, cactus, cypress, and Mediterranean pine trees. In the garden there are also groves of lemon and olive trees. 


However, it has undergone some changes throughout history. The forest that is there now was planted by the Knights of St. John to create hunting grounds. Prior to that it used to be full of indigenous tree and plant species, but much of the wood there and across Malta was cut to create sailing ships. Thanks to the Knights, the park has regained its forest status and now serves as a place for people to enjoy leisurely activities such as a lovely picnic or forest bathing. 


Every year, a significant number of people attend Buskett’s hugely famous L-Imnarja festival (the feast of St. Peter and St. Paul), which is held in June. The Verdala Palace, the official house of the President of Malta, is perched on a hilltop with a view of Buskett Gardens too. 


All in all, this is a wonderful place to visit during your stay in Malta. 


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