Pure Gozo

All the things that make Gozo special, are the things that will make you safe. Thanks to the geology and geography, Gozo has been secluded, uncrowded, welcoming, exclusive for as long as there have been people on this serene small island.

The luxury travel segment is focusing on conservation, sustainability, moving away from the hotel fripperies towards experiences and local traditions, where less is more.

We have taken the chance to search profoundly for the hidden treasures close to home and new ways of enjoying them: picnics, walks, painting, foraging, meditation in open and sacred places. For us, this treasure is Gozo, we call it Pure Gozo. In many ways, we are excited that travel is going back to its roots. We believe we will see a decline in business travel due to the success of Zoom/Teams meetings. It will be less about fast and cheap travel and more about slow conscious experiences. We hope to see a rise in sustainable, purpose driven travel based on transformational experiences through cultural activation. People may travel for longer periods of time and immerse themselves in new cultures and community. “Small is the new BIG”.