Nature Spotlight: The Mediterranean Chameleon

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Nature Spotlight: The Mediterranean Chameleon

The Mediterranean chameleon, or common chameleon as it is also called, is a fascinating creature.

The Chameleon, a remarkable reptile found in Malta, is a creature worth exploring. With its unique ability to change colour and blend seamlessly into its surroundings, it captivates the imagination. This elusive species, known for its distinctive appearance and remarkable adaptations, adds to the biodiversity of the Maltese ecosystem.

Although the chameleons blend into its environment very well, it changing its colours is more due to communication and heat regulation than actual camouflage. Its intricate and specialised eyes also allow it to hunt and evade predators effectively. Observing this fascinating creature in its natural habitat is a rare and rewarding experience, reminding us of the wonders of nature.


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Text and image(s) by: Johan Siggesson