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Your personal travel and lifestyle experts in and around Valletta. We redefine the typical Valletta experience by presenting you to our unique insights and give you an authentic view of the city, which only insiders know about.

Just CruiSing

Unwind, switch off and tune-out aboard your very own yacht, while cruising around the beautiful Maltese islands. Waking up to a glowing sunrise every day, and sleep under clear star-filled skies every night. Magical.

Pure Gozo

All the things that make Gozo special, are the things that will make you safe. Thanks to the geology and geography, Gozo has been secluded, uncrowded, welcoming, exclusive for as long as there have been people on this serene island.



Formerly known as Intertravel, 20Twenty is one of Malta’s leading Experiential Destination Management Companies. The company holds an enviable track record of having handled some of the most prestigious clients in the MICE industry. The 20Twenty brand is synonymous with total clarity and a long-term vision. This is a promise we make to our clients. This Boutique Experiential Travel DMC focuses extensively to curate sustainable, authentic, sensory and personalised experiences to suit anyone’s needs.

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Nature Spotlight: The Mirror Orchid

Nature Spotlight: The Mirror Orchid

The mirror orchid, scientifically known as Ophrys speculum, is a captivating species of wild orchids found in Malta. This orchid is renowned for its unique and intricate flower structure, which resembles a mirror or a metallic surface. It is a