Sustainability has never been cool. It has been the slightly outcast geeky weird kid at the back of class dressed in his parents’ clothes that people only speak to when they want help with their homework. The kid that will go far in the world but only a few geeks know that.

But times are changing. Sustainability is now important to all, not just those wearing flannel shirts and flowery jeans.

Sustainability is now the hot topic of the tourism and event sector and its time to give the outcast a makeover!

Sustainability has upped its game over the years, and alternatives have hit the mainstream and got upgraded. New technologies, products, materials, and systems are now available for every step of your process, smart, professional and innovative solutions are available for your events needs.

The most cutting edge solutions now have intertwined sustainability benefits and that is now something that everyone wants, and I mean everyone, from clients to suppliers. ESG reporting, international standards and your clients aims and objectives are all asking for it.

The thing about sustainability is that it adheres to peoples values in life, and people want to see what they are contributing to or engaging in is making a real difference in the world. But they want it to be sexy. And in the event world, it NEEDS to be sexy.

Buyers want to wow their clients, surprise and delight their customers, give a high class experience but make it meaningful and low impact.

It is no longer enough to make some sculptures out of trash, do a clean up or make some of the event or accommodation furniture from recycled materials. Clients want more.

They want a well-executed, efficient and eco and socially responsible programme from start to finish, and to do that we need to give them options that adhere to that need. And thank God those things are now available.

As sustainability is such a value led sector, go out of your way to create options that are engaging for those using them, that make them feel good about what they are doing, are appealing, easy to use and efficient, that demonstrate that sustainability is not a low budget affair but that you can provide them a rounded experience of high standards and morals.

Do your research, go to exhibitions, see what’s new, network, see who knows what’s cool and what’s available, and get involved. Just one circuit of the international shows will get you up to date on what is possible for your own niche market., and you get to learn and have fun while doing it.

Lead the way and provide your clients the sexiest sustainable group programme or event they could have ever imagined. And they will be back again and again.

It’s time to make sustainability sexy!


Gayle Murphy

CEO Global Green Events Ltd