Malt sustainability


Sustainability used to be only for those that wore flares and paisley shirts. Now sustainability has become an integrated essential, not just for clients but for suppliers alike. The market has changed internationally.

Sustainability reporting is now mandatory in most countries across the world. Investors require it in the projections and portfolios that they wish to see, and consumers and clients have begun to expect it, seeing it as an essential and as a mark of value and quality.

So, what does that mean for the tourism sector? It means that all the events and programmes that these organisations and companies wish to run, and trips that tourists wish to take, are now determined by a level of sustainability that is not just an add on but an integrated part of the journey.

Implementing sustainability strategy and initiatives across your operations and outlets give you a market advantage, especially if you are ahead of the game, and even able to quantify the impact savings you are creating for the client.

Carbon accounting and ESG reporting, internationally but especially across the European sector is now up and coming in terms of requirements for all organisations and this is spurring the global market into action. Now they are not just wanting to tick boxes, they are serious about needing to create shifts that can be reported on.

Those that acted ahead of the wave are now in the best position and it is not too late to join them. Working with established experienced suppliers and service providers means that you can get a kick start into providing these solutions to your clients and customers. Making you the company that they want to choose.

As an industry we are one of the key industries that make significant impacts with its operations. Many materials are used, often for the production of a short-term event or programme, single use items are seemingly often unavoidable, and managing the needs of hundreds and thousands of people in one space can often create a lot of waste that would otherwise be avoided.

If we continue as we are, the days of events are numbered, and the environmental impact continues to rise. The good news is that now solutions are available to really shift your operations and procurement into a sustainable way forward, so it’s time to make the shift.

Be the pioneers! Be the leaders of your sector! Create the networks, use those that are already established, make good choices daily that take you to the next steps on your journey, knowing that the more you do the more you are investing in your future, as a company, to not just go the distance but be leading the pack.

The other cool thing is that events and programmes also create a space where change in perspective or lifestyle choices can be instigated and inspired. They are platforms where messages can be communicated, and new philosophies shared and engaged with.

Often someone’s experience of a new way of living during an accelerated emotional experience can create lasting change in their behaviours or perspectives. This means that the legacy that you instigate through your events becomes a long-term investment and lasting change not just in the people’s lives that you touch, but in their families and local communities when they return back to their daily life.

What more reasons do you need to get started, today?


Gayle Murphy

CEO Global Green Events Ltd