Nature Spotlight: Yellow Bee Orchid

Nature Spotlight: Yellow Bee Orchid


The yellow bee orchid, scientifically known as Ophrys Lutea, is a very rare species of wild orchids in Malta. This elegant orchid has a broad bright yellow labellum (the most prominent petal). It is found in various parts of Europe but is known to grow only in a handful of locations in Malta.

This orchid’s flowers have a distinct yellow coloration with brown markings. The flower’s shape and color pattern closely resemble a female bee, complete with a fuzzy texture and even a small “bee-like” labellum. This remarkable mimicry attracts male bees, which attempt to mate with the flower, inadvertently transferring pollen from one orchid to another.

Although nothing is impossible, you should consider yourself a very lucky orchid-hunter if you stumble across this very rare orchid.


As all orchids in Malta, it is important to note that the yellow bee orchid is a protected species, and it is illegal to pick or disturb these orchids in their natural habitat. Visitors to Malta are encouraged to admire these beautiful flowers from a distance and respect their conservation status.

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Text and photos by: Johan Siggesson